About me

I’m George “Poqe” Popescu, freelance photographer and videographer  based in Bucharest, Romania, b. 1980

I’m member of N-OST news agency that is based in Berlin, focused on Eastern Europe and ex-sovietic countries.

I published on Romanian magazines like Esquire, Decat o Revista, Vice.

I was published in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Spiegel, L’Express, Focus, Berliner Zeitung, TAZ, Wiener Zeitung, Die Wochenzeitung.

Worked as a videographer/cameraman for ARTE tv, ARD, Blue Cross International & Vice UK, World Animal Protection.

In  2013 i started a long-term project, crowdfunded, documenting Jiu Valley, a monoindustrial coal mining region from Romania: www.rasunavalea.ro (romanian version, project undergoing).

You can reach me at poqe [at] poqe [dot] com

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. George, I saw your photographs featured on CNN and had to send you a note of thanks. There are areas of the world that are essentially out of sight for many people and your images and story helps to bring people together. I commend your work and hope you can share more of your images. I especially like what you said about the train mechanic. It would be an interesting piece to interview that guy, or guys like him, and show that most people are just trying to live their lives.

    Thanks again.

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